Despite the fact that we still have snow on the ground and we're hovering in the mid 40's, spring has finally arrived in Rochester! And unfortunately, that means many of us will have to engage in a fun little activity known as Spring Cleaning. If you're married, you definitely have to do it. I'm personally not looking to cleaning all the disgusting things that are probably lurking beneath my couch cushions. So that's where that slice of pizza from my Super Bowl party went!

But luckily for those of us whose apartments still smell like empty beer cans and old delivery food, it's not all bad. That's because I found a pretty clever video that offers some cool "hacks" that can help you tackle your spring cleaning like the freakin' rockstar you are. Did you know, for example, that you can remove greasy oil stains from your driveway by dumping a can of Coke on it? I had no idea, but that's awesome. Check this out:

Source: YouTube

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