Don't be scared, just do what I do.

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Our daughter's almost 2-years-old and has been a stellar sleeper since she was super little. In fact, this weekend we'll be going through our fourth daylight savings time change with her and I'm pretty confident we've got this.

But in case you've got young children, you're nervous and thinking "How do we make it so they don't wake us up any earlier than normal? Because let's face it - that's going to SUCK."

Well last year, I found an article by Today's Parent that says it all comes down to routine and starting it a week leading up to the switch.

In the fall, put your kid to bed 10 minutes later each night for the five to six nights leading up to the clock change. I've also read that darkening up the room can supposedly help in the fall too, since it lessens the odds of early morning sun waking your child before you want them to get up.

Something else they say to try is picking up your baby 10 minutes later each morning for the week — but that, of course, depends on your child’s attitude and how comfortable you feel letting them hang out solo (if they're a screamer in the morning, it just might not be worth it to you!).

In the spring, you can use the reverse concept that you did in the fall.

So there you have it. That's the key to transitioning your kiddo to another endless winter in the Midwest.

But when it really comes down to it, how could I ever be upset in spending an extra hour awake with your little kiddo(s)?

Answer: You can't be :)

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