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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time to get planning. And we have the perfect gift for YOUR Valentine: A dozen roses and a decadent box of truffles!

Don't be that partner who totally forgets about Valentine's Day this year. Thankfully, you pals here at Quick Country 96.5 are here to help, along with our partners at Tulips and Truffles Florist in Rochester!

Win our Ultimate Valentine's Day Dozen Roses and Box of Decadent Truffles!

We want to hook your sweetie up with a dozen gorgeous roses and a box of amazing chocolate truffles from Tulips and Truffles. They're Rochester's locally-owned florist, located in the downtown business district on North Broadway. And they have some *amazing* items perfect for Valentine's Day.

At Tulips and Truffles, you'll find everything from flowers and floral arrangements to items for bath and body; from candles and gifts to oils and fragrances; plus honey products and truffles and treats. And Heather Wright, their floral designer, has been putting together amazing floral designs for over 20 years!

How to Win Our Valentine's Day Dozen Roses and a Box of Truffles

And we want *YOU* to win our Ultimate Valentine's Day Package featuring a dozen roses and a box of chocolate truffles. It's easy to win: Just listen to Curt St John in the Morning weekdays at 7:30 am (starting January 30th) for Quick Country 96.5 Terribly Tough Valentine's Day Trivia.

If you know the answer to the Valentine's Day trivia question, send us a chat on the Quick Country 96.5 app with your guess. If you've got the correct answer, you could win our daily prize of a Get one/Give one Gerbera Daisy Bud Vase valued at $20! Plus, you're entered to win our grand prize of a dozen roses and a box of truffles from Tulips and Truffles Florist!

So brush up on your Valentine's Day trivia! And, if you don't have our app already you can get it here:

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