It sounds like a headline out of a notorious 'Fake News' story on social media but apparently, it's true-- and here's what the FBI wants you to do about it here in Minnesota.

If you're like me, you might wonder just how or why foreign hackers would want to access your own personal router. Voter files? Sure. Sensitve info from the government? I get why foreign hackers might want that too. But why would anyone want to hack into our router-- so they can see us binge-watching House Hunters again?!?

Well, According to this BringMeTheNews story posted on Monday, the FBI believes that Russian malware has been released that could not only hack into your info via your router, but also grab your sensitive info (like passwords to various sites) and files, spy on your web traffic, and perhaps even destroy your router too.

The story says its something called the "'VPNFilter,' and it's has been happening since 2016, but hackers have stepped up the attack in recent weeks to the point it's prompted the FBI to issue guidance to all router owners," the story noted.

Basically what you have to do is turn your router off and then back on again. Because the malware works in three stages, the story turning your router off and on again should stop any activity-- if there is any-- in its tracks during the first stage and keep your info safe.

I saw this story yesterday, so, sure enough, I unplugged our router, waited a couple of minutes for it to completely power down, and then plugged it back in. So apparently we're safe. (Not that we have all that much sensitive info on there anyway-- unless hackers wanted to see my pay our RPU bill online yesterday, that is...)

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