As crews being to wrap up the Highway 52 roadway improvements in Chatfield, the traffic signal has been activated.

According to MnDOT, the Hwy 52 traffic signal in Chatfield at Hwy 30/74-Fillmore County Road 2 has been activated again and includes new features such as the left-turn arrow.

Motorists who travel through Chatfield will begin to notice designated Hwy 52 left-turn lanes and the flashing yellow left-turn arrow on the updated signal, which is the only one in the county.

According to MnDOT, the green arrow will activate automatically until the devices that activate the left-turn signal are installed at a later date when the work is completed.

"The devices that activate the left-turn signal will be installed in the pavement soon, so the turn signal green arrow is currently set to activate automatically for a short period of time until that work is completed."

The signal activation is among the remaining items in the list of work for the Hwy 52 paving and culvert replacement project that stretched from just south of Interstate 90 to the south end of Chatfield. Work continues but is expected to wrap up soon. You can find more on the project HERE.

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