The clock is ticking for the state of Minnesota to upgrade our driver's licenses to comply with a new federal law so that we'll still be able to use them as ID's when boarding a plane. Otherwise we'll have to use our passports to fly. Which is bad news for me.


You've no doubt heard how Minnesota is one of only eight states that hasn't already implemented the federal 'Real ID' act. It steps up the security involved when you renew your drivers license to a new level required by the federal government-- you know, the ones who control air travel in this country.

If Minnesota doesn't adopt the new measures soon-- the law goes into effect next January-- we won't be able to use our Minnesota drivers' licenses as ID when we want to fly.

Which means, you'd have to either pay to get an enhanced ID (which you can do now, for an extra fee) or use your passport. Seeing as I'm cheap, and because I actually have a passport, I'd guess I'd just use that. Except for one thing:

I have the World's Worst Passport Photo.

It's true. Check it out:

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