Did you notice something funny over the weekend about Kwik Trip? A lot of people believed this one!

It's not apparent until you read the fine print, but a lot of people believed that Kwik Trip was really selling scented candles. I did too! Again, you'd never know until you read the fine print at the very bottom of each photo.

Check out what Kwik Trip did for April Fools Day!

Hey, if you're trying to get people engaged on Facebook, this is a good way! Followers of the main Kwik Trip page really did vote on the scents they'd want to see. Some, however, weren't fooled at all.

Some even went to their local Kwik Trip before checking the calendar!

What's the reason so many were fooled? Well, it's not uncommon for Kwik Trip to post "product surveys" on their page, and have followers vote on which products they like or don't like. You'll also see a lot of grand opening announcements for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa!

I loved this prank! Which one got you over the weekend?

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