Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you just kept digging? I ponder thoughts like this all the time. Well, don’t waste brain cells any longer. I have the answer for you and I think you might be shocked.

Screen Shot of Antipodes website

If you go to the Antipodes Map website and put in your location, it will tell you exactly where you would end up if you kept digging. I went ahead and did it for Owatonna. All you need is the zip code and the site will determine your coordinates. In case you were wondering Owatonna is located at 44.083994, -93.226108. I’m not sure what exactly what those numbers mean, but oh well. After doing this, I found out that if we kept digging we would end up somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Screenshot of Antipodes website

This site was created to explain what an antipode is. Antipodes are locations on direct opposite side of the Earth. So by putting our location into the site, we found our antipodes location would be the Indian Ocean. Sites like this got me through college thank goodness.

So long story short, if you are planning on digging and never stopping… you better have some floaties, a life jacket and be able to swim because you are going to end up in the ocean.

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