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When you walk past Mayo Clinic's Gonda Building, in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota, you're drinking coffee, listening to a podcast (of maybe Y-105FM? YES! Click here to make that dream come true.), or talking with a friend. This means you have no reason to notice that you're walking right past secret doors!

How secret can they be if I know about them? Well...that's the thing. I didn't know about them until a couple weekends ago. My girlfriend, Diana, was visiting from Truman, MN, and as we walked by them, she said, "Look, they're trying to hide these doors from us!" And sure enough...they were doing just that.

Once she pointed them out to me, it took a second, but now I can't NOT see them. Take a look (and enjoy two bonus pictures from Santa's Mayo Elvesevator).

Mayo's Gonda Building Has Secret Doors

What do they do with these doors? Are they just good old fashioned emergency doors? Maybe they're freight doors. Or, are they for super-secret in and outs for people afraid of heights (so they can't use a helicopter).

I'm still digging, stay tuned for updates!

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