That's the question Camp Companion is trying to answer, by helping out a shelter in Minneapolis.

Take a look at this latest update on their Facebook page! If this is true, a lot of owners of missing pets could see some relief soon.

Do you think it's possible? A lot of pets seem to be going missing lately, especially in Rochester's countryside. It breaks my heart every time I see an update like this. It breaks my heart when I hear that the majority of these pets are still missing.

As an extra alert for the area, the SE MN Lost/Found Pets page has taken action by creating this flier too.

SE MN Lost/Found Pets Page
SE MN Lost/Found Pets Page

They've also shared Camp Companion's update, in hope of getting closer toward this (what appears to be) pet epidemic.

I can't imagine what it's like to lose a pet. When I was little, we had an orange tabby named "Tiger" who we assumed was "lost" because no one in our family could find him anywhere in the house, and he was an indoor cat!

Thankfully, we did find him hiding inside (after tearing apart the neighborhood), but it was a truly terrifying experience.

Pet owners, keep the faith! Hopefully this is resolved soon...

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