Shout out to this Minnesota city that has just been named not just the most polite city in the state, but the most polite city in the entire Midwest!

Maybe there is something to that whole 'Minnesota nice' thing after all. Because while we've all suspected that we're pretty nice here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, a new survey has the proof-- and this city is the most polite in our entire region.

That's the word from a new survey from the crew over at They wanted to know how cities in the Midwest ranked in terms of politeness. They conducted a survey a 2,000 Midwesterners to find out. And while two cities here in the North Star State made the list of the Top 10 Most Polite Midwest Cities, this Minnesota city topped the list.

Overall, said Minnesotans are the friendliest people in the Midwest. Duh, right? They said residents of Minnesota, and specifically this city, do the little things you might never see in other cities, like, say New York. Things like interacting pleasantly with strangers, driving with others in mind and polite engagement with friends, family and neighbors.

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To back those claims up, the survey noted that 80 percent of residents surveyed in this Minnesota city said they regularly hold the door for strangers. It also said 50 percent of the residents of Minnesota city surveyed said they also regularly yield to others while behind the wheel, the highest in the survey.

So which Minnesota city topped the list and is the Most Polite City in the Midwest? That would be our capital city of Saint Paul! The second-largest city in the state, Saint Paul has a population of 303,176-- and all of them are consistently polite, apparently!


Of course, another Minnesota city ALSO made the list: Minneapolis, which placed fourth on the list, only bested by Naperville, Illinois and Overland Park, Kansas as some of the politest cities here in the Midwest.

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Now, on the flip side, Evansville and Fort Wayne, Indiana were listed as the Rudest Midwestern Cities, followed by Rockford, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio; and Detroit, Michigan. (Note that no Minnesota cities made THIS list!)

You can check out both full lists below. And while we might be polite in Minnesota, sometimes all that praise goes to your head. So keep scrolling to check out the Snobbiest Cities in Minnesota, as well!

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