Now that it's officially March in Minnesota (well, and everywhere, for that matter) the question that always looms over our heads is whether we'll have an early spring or if old man winter will keep us in his grasp. So what's in store this year?

Well, we could check out various scientific sites with all sorts of meteorological analysis and spring forecasts. Or, we could just check in with the good folks at the Old Farmer's Almanac. 

Sure, their forecasts may not be created using the latest whiz-bang scientific computer models, but they still offer a glimpse of what might be coming our way in Minnesota this spring. (Of course, so does throwing a dart at the wall, but what the heck.)

The Old Farmer's Almanac includes our neck of the woods in an area it calls the 'Upper Midwest' region. Which pretty much runs from the Dakotas, through most of Minnesota and Wisconsin and ends over in Michigan.

So what's it say? Well, even though we always seem to get a lot of snow in March, their forecast says our snowiest days are behind us. Heck yeah, I'll buy that! Their forecast does say we could see some rain, though, with our average precipitation coming in about a half-inch above average.

But temperatures shouldn't be too bad either, with their forecast running about 7 degrees above average. So, yeah. There you go. Is it accurate? Who knows. But after a long, cold winter, I'm ready to agree with any forecast that calls for mild weather and not a lot of snow in March. How about you?!?

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