Fast food giant, Burger King, is experimenting with a new, vegetarian patty on some of their burgers. But will the new 'meatless Whopper' be heading here?

It seems that the latest craze in restaurants across Minnesota (and the country) is the expansion of their vegetarian options. And even though nobody loves a good steak, burger or brat (that's the Wisconsin native in me talking) more than I do, I will confess to enjoying a lot of these new meatless dishes.

Heck, not too long ago I got the wrong order at Chipotle-- I ended up with a meatless burrito bowl that was meant for the person in front of me by mistake-- and I actually really liked it-- I didn't miss the carnitas pork at all.  But now Burger King appears to be the first big chain that's experimenting with a totally meatless burger.

This New York Times story says the new 'Impossible Whopper' is made with a meatless burger patty made by the start-up, Impossible Foods. And initial tests, the story says, show people are having a tough time even telling the difference between the new burger and a Whopper made with a regular beef patty.

Right now, Burger King is only selling the meatless 'Impossible Whopper' at 59 restaurants in the St. Louis area, the story noted, but if the results continue to be positive, it could be rolled out to all of its 7,200 locations-- including here in Rochester.

When, or if, that happens, though, isn't set in stone yet. Would you try a meatless burger? I'm just curious enough that I'd like to try one-- though I don't plan on being in the St. Louis area anytime soon. What say you?

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