A recent Tweet from the Vikings quarterback suggests he just might be... maybe.

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Kirk Cousins signed with the Vikings after last season's loss in the NFC Championship Game (sorry about that), so this is first season here in Minnesota. Which also means this upcoming winter will also be his first here in the Land of 10,000 (frozen) Lakes.

So even though he's been a Minnesota resident for several months already, according to a recent post on Cousins' Twitter page, Kirk is going all-in on getting the full Bold North winter experience. First, though, a little background. Earlier this year, Cousins Tweeted that he and his wife and son were excited to move into their new home in Eagan-- not too far from the fancy new Vikings headquarters, which is also in Eagan.

So now, Cousins Tweeted about the one feature of his new Minnesota home he's really been enjoying so far this fall: his... heated garage. That's right, even though he's from Illinois and went to college in Michigan, apparently, Cousins has never lived in a home with a heated garage before. And so far, he likes it. ("Absolute game-changer when I leave for work. Highly recommend it ha," Cousins said.)

Which means his transition to being a full Minnesotan is almost complete, right? I mean, about the only left will be for him to do is to say "You betcha!" when someone asks if he's excited to use his brand new snowblower after our first measurable snowfall.

Of course, some folks questioned whether or not Cousins' use of the heated garage here in mid-October-- when the overnight temperature is only in the 30's-- means he's tough enough to endure a real Minnesota winter morning when the temp is closer to 30 below.

We'll have to see about that. We ARE proud of how cold it gets here, aren't we? Better get the remote start ready on your Escalade, Kirk...

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