A new survey has ranked the favorite beer in each state, but are we really sure this is Minnesota's favorite brew?

Well, it is... if you ask the gang over at AskMen. They did a survey earlier this year that asked a thousand men about their favorite beers, which they then ranked according to each state.

And here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, our favorite beer is... Grain Belt? Maybe Hamm's? (we are the Land of Sky Blue Waters after all, right?) or perhaps even Summit, Surly or one of Minnesota's many impressive craft brews?

Nope. According to this AskMen survey, the most popular beer here in the North Star State is... Coors Light. Yeah, the Silver Bullet not only won't slow you down, it's also apparently the most popular beer here in the Bold North.

I guess that could be true-- you can get Coors Light just about anywhere-- though Bud Light, and to a lesser degree, Miller Lite and Mich Golden Light also seem pretty popular here in Minnesota.

The real reason I doubt this survey, though, is that it also says Coors Light is the favorite beer back in my home state of Wisconsin. And, there's NO WAY that's true. In Wisconsin, it's pretty much Miller Lite that's the most popular (maybe followed by New Glarus Brewing's Spotted Cow). Heck, even the Brewers baseball stadium (Miller Park in Milwaukee) is named for Miller Lite!

And, the survey says our neighbors to the south down in Iowa like to pound some Bud-- Budweiser came out as their favorite beer. (Again, I'm not sure I completely buy that one, either...) You can check out the entire survey for yourself HERE.

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