There are a LOT of Fortune 500 companies that call our state home, so I was a little surprised at a new survey that just dubbed this company Minnesota's 'Most-Loved.'

The websites MSN and just did a new survey of the Most-Loved Companies in Each State. And when you think of just ALL the great companies that are headquartered here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there are a lot of choices, right?

Names like Target, Best Buy or even General Mills all came to my mind first-- especially when you consider all the different products a company like General Mills produces. Surely it would figure that a company like THAT would be our Most-Loved, wouldn't it?

Google Street View
Google Street View

Well, not according to THIS survey. Because forget any of those companies, they said... 3M is the Most-Loved Company in Minnesota.

Really? 3M?!? Now, I'm not knocking 3M at all-- they're a very influential employer here and have produced some incredible things. I have a couple of friends who work there and love it. So, yeah, 3M is great.

In fact, here's what the MSN and GoBankingRates said about 3M: "The three “Ms” in 3M are a reference to the company’s original name: the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. From a small northern Minnesota mining firm scratching out the mineral needed to make sandpaper, 3M has grown into a leading materials and industrial technology company," the site noted.

But that doesn't really address how much love we all feel for 3M, does it? I'm still thinking Target Corporation-- what with its corporate sponsorship of Target Field and Target Center in addition to its beloved Target stores-- might actually be more loved, am I right?

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