Rumors have been flying that yet another bar and restaurant here in the Med City may be getting ready to close its doors for good-- and do it sooner rather than later.

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The subject of these rumors this time is the Freight Yard Bar and American Restaurant, located along West Circle Drive in northwest Rochester. The Post-Bulletin's Jeff Kiger mentioned last week and earlier today that the business, which opened in December of 2016, might be on its last legs.

In an original post last week, he mentioned rumors that said the business might be getting ready to shut things down for good at the end of the month. In an updated post on Monday, though, he said that the Freight Yard is "still open still open and serving up drinks and food," his post noted.

He went on to say, though, that the source of some of these rumors might have been some changing hours at the business. "It does seem like owner Steve Lee could be tinkering with things a bit, which might explain the slightly erratic hours lately at the bar," Kiger's post continued.

So, Kiger concludes, things are still "chugging along... for now." As for me, I don't know much more, but I'm hoping reports of its closing aren't true. I've enjoyed several adult beverages and pizza at the Freight Yard while getting together with friends. (They're one of the few places that has Minnesota's own Fulton 300 on tap!)

Being a Packer fan here in Minnesota, it was always nice to find a place that showed my team's games. I remember watching that Dallas Cowboys/Packers Playoff game there in January of 2017. That was the game the Packers ended up winning that sent them to meet the buzz saw that was the Atlanta Falcons in last year's NFC Championship Game. (Which was the game where they met the same fate the Vikings did at the hands of the Eagles in this year's NFC Championship game.)

Either way, I'm hoping the Freight Yard continues to stay open!

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