Every paranormal site I've comes across lists the Kahler Hotel as one of the most haunted spots in Rochester, but is it their elevator that's truly what makes it haunted?

TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans
TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans

Maybe you know this story... maybe you don't... here's what I found on the elevator at the Kahler specifically. A man named Brent Friedrichs shared a story online about his experience with the haunted elevator. He says,

On 13 February 1922 a lady was killed in the elevator of the Kahler Hotel. Orville M Criswell was in Rochester for an operation that was performed sometime in January 1922. In his recovery from that operation he stayed on at the Kahler Hotel. On 13 February 1922 his wife “Flora Bell (nee. Hart) Criswell” came to the Kahler hotel to visit him – her husband “Orville M. Criswell”. She was killed in the elevator at the Kahler Hotel (13 feb 1922).

The question I still wanted to ask was, what would've caused that accident? I didn't find any information on a Flora Criswell specifically, but there is some documentation that Brent reminds us of.

Another user, called "Tate" had a different experience. They write, "My friends and I had a weird experience of flickering lights when stepping out of the elevator and ones the elevator we were on keeped going to the same floor for no reason, we wanted to go up but it keep going down."

If this elevator isn't haunted by Flora Criswell, could it be haunted by the famous Helen Voorhees Brach?

How many of these haunted Kahler stories did you know?

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