The holiday season is always an important money-maker for stores and businesses so I get that they want to start capitalizing on it as soon as possible, but did this might be just a bit too early, no?


It was over the weekend at Costco that I spotted these live evergreen trees that sure looked like they were live Christmas trees. They were near the front of the store, right where there were some other legit holiday decorations already for sale.


Now, keep it mind, it's only mid-September. And, it was really hot and humid outside. (Heck, our weather this past weekend was more like July than September, right?!?) So it didn't seem like many of us fellow shoppers were really in the holiday spirit.

But there they were, looking like all you had to do was add the apple cider when you tied one of those babies to the roof of your car and you'd have had yourself a good 'ol fashioned family Christmas.

Now, I like Christmas as much as anybody, but selling live Christmas trees in September still seems a bit early for me. (Besides-- how are you going to keep a live tree green for another two months?!?) So, I asked the friendly employee at the check-out.

And, thankfully, sanity has prevailed: Those weren't Christmas trees. They were live evergreens designed to be used in landscaping your yard.


Although, as the employee noted, you COULD use one as Christmas tree if you really want to-- though maybe not quite THIS early.

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