Ladies, this just might be a dream with endless possibilities. It's a must see!

You're probably already familiar with the lovely Katie Kirckof and GLAM Beaty Lounge in Rochester, right? If not, here's what you need to know...

She's seriously amazing! When we first met in October, at our Women's Expo, she bestowed upon me a "cat eye" eyeliner look that would make Kat Von D blush. Oh, 2008! How I miss you! (haha!) Anyway....

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

I love following Katie on social media. I love seeing her tips, travel adventures, and tricks. The other day, I noticed that she's offering a pretty amazing Valentine's deal that will allow your sweetie to be super creative! Know someone who has a passion for makeup, or just loves looking good? Yeah, we all do!!

Check out this piece of incredible!

That's right! You get to creative your own signature makeup look! Everything from the color, the style, to how you use it best!

You really are giving them the gift of color, and you'll totally bring out the artist in your sweetie this Valentine's Day. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to express themselves in a way that looks amazing? Plus, it's your vision!

Check it out today!

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