I may possibly be the only parent to "forget" about the big day at school that will sugar-up our kiddos; Valentine's Day.  Just in case I'm not, I did a lot of Googling today to figure out a solution for my child's Valentines that still look cute but doesn't require me to spend thousands of dollars.

Life is busy as a parent and I am now realizing that the e-mail I ignored a few weeks ago from school was actually important.  The Valentine's Day class list was in that e-mail, along with important info regarding the classroom party.  FYI - I am now well aware that Valentine's Day is just days away and we have no supplies...no goodies to share...and I am starting to think my child should just find the zillion pencils we have never used and just give those away.  

Tips for Parents That May (or May Not) Have Forgotten about Valentine's Day

  • Smile...and keep the smile on your face when your child says, "I need to bring Valentines for my class tomorrow".
  • Get the class list.  It is usually in a newsletter, e-mail or an online program your teacher uses to send out info.
  • Ask your kiddo what they want to bring for treats.  (FYI - this may or may not help the situation.)  Stop by the gas station or some very fast place to pick up the items.  Almost everyone is selling something for the big day.
  • If you don't have time to get to a store, as a last resort you can go through all the Halloween, Christmas and Easter candy that is still hanging around.  Stickers are a great backup item too or temporary tattoos.  Tape a few of those to the Valentine and it will be good to go!  (If candy has a bunny or Christmas tree on it...maybe don't use those)
  • Do a quick Google search "Valentine printables" and find the best one that doesn't use a ton of ink, works for the paper you have at your house and doesn't require glue.  Print those off and grab a few markers and tape.  Here are a few of my favorites that are free and easy to use:
  • Last but not least...remember to enjoy this moment with your child.  Your child may not write all the names perfectly, and that is ok.  Hearts might not be cut out in the perfect shape, and that is ok too.  The Valentine they are creating isn't about perfection, it is about being kind.

Speaking of being kind...if you haven't heard, it is Random Acts of Kindness week!  Check out all the stuff going on that you can be part of.  I'll just add one more to the list too.  If you know someone who doesn't have a Valentine, print off one of those free ones and give it to them.  Your act of kindness might mean the world to them that day!

Good luck with your creations!  I'll share a picture of what we make on my Facebook and Instagram page.

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