You guys are seriously the best for sharing your stories on this one!

About a month ago, Quick Country 96.5 created the opportunity for you to "re-do" your horrible Valentine's Day - you know, just in case it didn't go so well for you.

Sydney Prepares For Valentine's Day
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We want to congratulate Travis Vail of Rochester on a HUGE win!! He'll take home the $100 Visa gift card AND some exclusive coupons from Mrs. Freshley's to share with his honeybun!

Wanna revisit the Top 3 stories? Take a look below!

Travis V.
My wife and I have been married for almost 11 years now. We have four kids, ranging from three to eight years old. My wife home-schools them and is with them all the time. Naturally, she jumps at date night, with V-Day being one of our "for sures."

But not this year. The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I started feeling not good in the stomach. Sunday was worse for me, and my wife and three of the four kids started getting a sinus cold. By Monday it was clear that all but one of us was down for the count.

She slept most the day while I tried to keep the kids alive, and me off the... well you know. Tuesday was miserable and I hardly made it out of bed. My daughter’s nose, upper lip, and cheek looked like carpet burn. I lost 10 pounds from not eating and dehydration. V-day was a complete disaster: sick kids, sick parents, no V-Day cards, no dinner, no date, and no adult time.


Lindsay P.
My husband and I spent the day in court because I got rear ended by a 90-year-old man seven years ago. I had my character questioned by a nasty lawyer who was representing a big name insurance company. Then my husband spent the evening at a city council meeting. Needless to say, it was a less than romantic day for the two of us. It would be great if we could redo our Valentine's Day!


Mike L.
The day started out good, with my wife going to my daughter’s Valentine’s party at school. Then it started to go south from there. On her way to work, where they were going to have a Valentine’s party, she reached down to grab some food from the floor and ended up rear-ending a semi-truck while she was doing roughly 45 miles per hour. She was driving her brand new 2017 car that has hardly been driven during the winter. We spent the rest of the day in the ER together. We didn't even get to enjoy supper together, as she was in so much pain. We had planned on going out together that night. I really would like to be able to redo that day and make it great for her.


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