My vote is yes! I took a stroll today to grab lunch, and discovered that this place was awesome.

A beautiful day like today deserved a walk. I walked to Potbelly's, from our studio, and decided to go for a grilled chicken and cheddar sandwich. YUM!

There were so many choices of drink that it was hard to choose too! However, I went for some fruit punch gatorade. The place was swarming with people and I can see why!

I'll just say this - I'll definitely be back to Potbelly's! Lunchtime is kind of a big deal around Rochester, so I got to thinking, "is this the best place to get lunch in Rochester?" Have I found it!??

I know I'm new here, but WHOA! It was good. Where do you like to get lunch in Rochester? Do you prefer to walk to lunch, or drive?

Post your thoughts below!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

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