Sure, we're just a week away from the Memorial Day weekend, so why is it colder here i Minnesota than in the Arctic?!?

We've had a doosy of a spring so far here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, haven't we? We had a cold and snowy April, preceded by the snowiest winter season ever in Rochester. And while we thankfully didn't see the 2.4 inches of snow that parts of Minnesota saw up north and along the North Shore over the weekend, it was still pretty cold in our neck of the woods.

In fact, our low here in Rochester this morning, according to the National Weather Service office in La Crosse, was a balmy 35. Yes, that's right-- just three degrees above freezing was the temperature we woke up to here in the Med City... on May 20th!

Meanwhile, though, according to the current conditions from the Weather Channel in the Arctic Village up in Alaska (which, though I'm no geography expert, would appear to be much closer to the North Pole than here in Minnesota), they're enjoying a lovely 41 degrees on this Monday morning!

That's right-- the far-north outpost much closer to the Arctic Circle than here in Minnesota is actually much warmer than it is here in Minnesota this morning. Sheesh. We're less than a week away from Memorial Day, the unofficial kickoff to the summer season, right? We should be turning out air conditioners, but instead, our furnace kicked in a bunch of times overnight. Did yours too?

So while, yeah, it's a little nippy this morning, please remind of this later in the summer when it's really hot and humid and I'm complaining about how it's more tropical in Minnesota than it is in the tropics, will ya?

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