If you thought that cool weather we had last week was here to stay, think again-- summer is back throughout southeast Minnesota!


It IS only August 9th, so another bout with hot and steamy weather shouldn't be a surprise here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Heck, the Great Minnesota Get-Together, which runs August 23rd through September 3rd this year, is usually known for having some hot, steamy weather.

And, boy is it ever going to be hot and steam in southeast Minnesota today. Outside of a few leftover clouds and a stray shower that dropped a few sprinkles over parts of our neck of the woods, there's pretty much nothing but sun in the forecast for Thursday right through Monday.

Here's the steamy part, though: Our dew points-- the measure of moisture in the air-- are going to be increasing into the 70's today, which is going to make things feel pretty steamy out there. ABC-6 Meteorologist Chris Kuball noted on his Twitter page that the Muggy Meter is going to be well into the 'Miserable' category across our area.

The good news, though, is that it'll slowly slide back down into the less-steamy categories like 'muggy' tomorrow and eventually way down into the 'humid' category by the weekend. So, enjoy our run of sunny weather-- just remember to stay hydrated out there in the heat (like with a Stillwater Brewery's Mango Blonde Ale at Thursday on 1st later today!)

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