Add this one to the seemingly never-ending list of scams that have been reported lately. This one is the latest to be reported in Minnesota. It could happen anywhere, given the online nature of the scam, including anywhere in the state or in Wisconsin.

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I saw this scam reported on Facebook by the Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota. After all, nothing causes people to throw all caution to the wind like an animal in need. (Okay, maybe that is just me.)

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According to the center, someone made a fake website and profile using their likeness that looks so legitimate, people are thinking it is real. This fake profile and the scammers behind it are asking customers for donations and their credit card information to make it happen.

The scammer is going one step further, putting the fake website out there on certain Facebook groups, including one for animals in Minnesota that are in need of help. They even came up with a fake phone number to seem real.

The scammers, on top of it all, also have fake 'patient stories' to solicit even more sympathy, causing people to let their guard down. If you come across a website like this and want to know if it is real or not, call the phone number or check the website to make sure it is legitimate.

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While this center is a few hours from the Twin Ports, it could happen anywhere! Given the fact these scammers seem to have been busted, they may move on elsewhere in the state. Make sure to spread the word about this scam while we await the next one to inevitably pop up.

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