Save the cheddar bay biscuits, please! Many famous restaurant chains have hit hard times this year, with several announcing the closure of locations nationwide.

From Outback Steakhouse to Red Lobster, many of these major chains have had to close locations across the country in an effort to save money and resources.

It's true that we just aren't going out to eat like we used to before the pandemic. Of course, inflation also plays a role as people tighten their budgets to adjust to the high cost of living.

Retailers and restaurant chains are still adjusting and adapting to this new normal. One of those is Red Lobster, which just filed for bankruptcy last month, shortly after abruptly closing locations all over the country.

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Red Lobster Abruptly Closes Many Locations
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Say Goodbye To Two Minnesota Locations

Part of Red Lobster's post-bankruptcy plan includes closing even more stores than they already have. Unfortunately for lobster lovers everywhere, this includes two locations in Minnesota.

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According to reports, if their plan is approved, two Minnesota locations will be included in the cuts. This includes the restaurant in Bloomington and another location in Golden Valley.

Red Lobster Files For Bankruptcy Protection
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We will have to wait and see if Red Lobster's plan is approved and if so, those two Minnesota locations will be no longer. These two new additions come on top of cuts that were already made, where all Minnesota locations were spared.

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Two Wisconsin Red Lobster locations were on the initial list of cuts. Those stores included a La Crosse location and a Wauwatosa one. For now, our Duluth location is spared. Let's hope it stays that way.

Shout out to Flava Flav for trying to help, too!

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