With Father's Day rapidly approaching, now is the time to put something together for dear old dad. And while gifts are nice on such a meaningful day, words straight from the heart often times carry a little more weight. But what do you do when you can't find the words?

Like with so many other moments in life, country music is here to give us the words we can't find ourselves. Music has a way of helping us work through our emotions and it's not uncommon for a song to say exactly what you are feeling. It's one of the reasons music can help us through a breakup or give us that added level of celebrations when something marvelous happens.

And it can help you tell dad exactly how you feel about him on Father's Day.

What County Songs Are About Dad?

Many artists over decades of country music have put pen to paper to express their feelings about fatherhood. Some have written about their own fathers while others have been vulnerable about the challenges of becoming a father themselves. It's this level of authenticity that draws us to country music in the first place.

Keep scrolling to find 20 country songs that are perfect for Father's Day and some particularly emotional lyrics about dad that we've highlighted for you. Maybe you can include one of these lines in a card or just send the entire song over to dad and say something simple like "this made me think of you." After all, Father's Day doesn't have to be complicated — it's the thought that counts.

Here are 20 country lyrics that would be perfect in a Father's Day card.

Country Song Lyrics as Father's Day Cards

Like so many other moments in our lives, country music is giving us the words to express how we feel. Because of its authenticity, he genre is filled with songs that seem to perfectly emulate the very emotions were feeling.

Father's Day is no different. If you're having trouble finding the words for dad's card this year, maybe using these lines will help. Or you can just send the song to dad with a note telling him how the song remind you of him.

Keep scrolling to see some country lyrics that could double as Father's Day cards.