A woman on Reddit is heartbroken and confused after her fiancé called off their wedding one week before they were due to walk down the aisle.

"My fiancé canceled our wedding one week before the ceremony. He said he had been having a build up of a nervous feeling over the past three months and he finally decided he can't go through with it. He said he feels like getting married would mean that he is 'trapped' for the rest of his life," the woman, 26, wrote.

Her fiancé, 29, told her that he needed a "short break," so she went to stay with her parents.

Four days later, he texted her to tell her that he missed and loved her, and asked if she would come back home to him.

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"He has arranged to see a psychologist/counselor. Chiefly, he wants to figure out why this happened; does he not want to marry at all or just not want to marry me; does he still want to have kids at all; or is it just that he doesn't want to have kids with me," the woman continued.

She added that she's also confused because during their nearly four years together, he always said he wanted children.

"How should I be feeling about this? What should I do next? Should I continue living with him while he figures this out? Should I go on a long holiday somewhere else while he figures this out? Should I just leave him for good once and for all?" the woman concluded.

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Users urged the woman to move on and not give her fiancé a second chance.

"You deserve better than that, so separating will hopefully help you figure that out, or give him the opportunity to show YOU why he is the partner you deserve. He needs to do the work, not you," one person wrote.

"I would be gone. Don’t wait around like a passenger in your own life. Make a decision for yourself that you want someone who is sure they want what you do," another commented.

"I 100 percent do NOT believe you should move back in. He doesn't get to call off a wedding and then claim he loves you, misses you and wants you to come home but he doesn't want to get married. That is using you. He doesn't get to put his feelings ahead of yours here under any circumstances. He can now marinate in his own juices," someone else chimed in.

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