When you see an animal in distress, you've got a decision to make. Do you just move on with your life and let nature take its course or do you risk your own well-being and intervene to help the animal? For one kind-hearted Illinois woman, the decision was easy. Save the deer.

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According to the video description, this Good Samaritan deer moment happened on November 4, 2023 in Sullivan, Illinois. If you're not familiar with Sullivan, it's right in the heart of Illinois south of Springfield.

ViralHog via YouTube
ViralHog via YouTube

Here's the full video where she was able to free this doe from a sticky predicament.

If you think trying to help a deer like this isn't risky, think again. A frightened doe or buck can kick you hard enough to break your leg.

This woman did the right thing by helping free the animal as it probably would not have been able to get free of the jug on its own.

Well done, Good Samaritan Sullivan, Illinois lady.

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