This just in. Alligators are not native to Wisconsin. However, they have a knack for showing up there. A very young alligator was just spotted in a Hazel Green, Wisconsin yard which led to a mad dash to capture the creature.

Kudos to KWWL on this fine catch (quite literally) of the story of two Hazel Green, Wisconsin gals who saw something quite unusual. They report that Sara Wagner and her friend Suzanne saw what they believed was a very young American alligator and that report was later confirmed by the National Mississippi River Museum.

The good news is this was a young and not fully mature alligator that only measured just over 2 feet in length. Once fully grown, an American alligator can easily span more than 12 feet.

You might recall this is not the only alligator that's been spotted in Wisconsin. This was a special gator moment from just over a year ago.

Wisconsin authorities say they do not know how this young gator ended up in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. Could it have been someone's pet that they weren't supposed to have? There's no confirmation as of this writing. Just be glad this gator was captured while he was young and still (relatively) harmless.

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