Minneapolis based low-fair airline Sun Country has been known for getting passengers to some popular vacation destinations at some of the lowest fares possible.

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When you fly Sun Country, you already know that there will not be some of the amenities that some other airlines provide such as in flight entertainment.  To be more specific, there will not be in flight entertainment provided in the back of the seat in front of you like on some other flights.  There is always entertainment provided through a device that you provide yourself.  There is an entertainment library provided through Sun Country, but honestly it's much easier to just download a bunch of stuff to your phone and already have something you would like to watch ready to go.

Sun Country is making some changes and upgrades, but also dropping some of the routes that they have provided in the past. The routes that are being dropped weren't selling well anyway, so now they will not be available.  As to which routes those are, that has not been specifically disclosed.

From Bring Me the News:

...it also reported a 9.6% loss in airfare revenue for the same quarter. In response, the airline is planning to reduce its schedule by cutting routes that don't sell as well as others. A spokesperson says changes aren't expected until later this year and won't affect the busy travel periods during Labor Day, MEA break and Thanksgiving.

On the upside of things, Sun Country is finally getting a smartphone app!  Virtually every other airline has one, and up until now, you have had to book Sun Country flights through their website.  But now, or at least soon, there will be an app available.  As to when this will happen, there has not been any hard date provided.  Just that it's happening sometime in May.

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