Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- The defendant in a Rochester carjacking case has withdrawn his guilty plea. 

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He was set to be sentenced in Olmsted County Court on Monday. Instead an Olmsted County Judge granted a motion made on Feb. 7 to withdraw his guilty plea. 

51-year-old Calvin Reavers entered a plea deal last June in which he admitted to a simple robbery charge that was amended from a first-degree aggravated robbery count. A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for May. 

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The criminal complaint in the case accuses Reavers of pointing a sawed-off shotgun at a man then robbing him of a BMW car Reavers had previously sold to him in June of 2022. The incident occurred in front of the victim’s residence. 

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The charges allege Reavers then punched the victim, pulled him out of the car, and ordered a woman who was riding with him in an SUV to get in the BMW and drive away while Reavers drove away in the SUV. 

Reavers and the woman were captured the following day in Lake City during a traffic stop while they were in the BMW. 

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The plea deal Reavers backed out of included a sentencing agreement that called for Reavers to serve the robbery sentence concurrently with a sentence stemming from a separate drug case. 

An Olmsted County Jury convicted Reavers of two counts of first-degree drug sales and first-degree drug possession and acquitted him of a first-degree drug sale and first-degree drug possession count. That verdict was handed down last February.

He’s scheduled to be sentenced in the drug case next month.

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