If you love loud music, people cheering and screaming, and possibly some gravity-defying stunts, you should show up on Wednesday, January 11th, for one of the best nights in Rochester, Minnesota!


Amazing Drumline Battle Happening Wednesday in Rochester, Minnesota

Drumlines, loudness, and helping out charities are all happening in one place on Wednesday, January 11th, 2023...and IT IS AWESOME!

I'm a bit of a band geek, and I wouldn't be fulfilling my duty as a drum major back in the day if I didn't share this awesome event with you.  If you've got kids, they are welcome too, and I think they would also LOVE it!   All three public high schools in Rochester are showing off their skills at the Drumline Showcase at 8 pm on January 11th in the JM Gymnasium.  It's only $5 and every single dollar is going to support the massive fundraisers that the high schools have all been working on in December for different charities in our area.

If you've never had a chance to experience this fun, check out the YouTube video below to get an idea of what to expect.

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One thing that you may want to bring with you, especially if you've got little ones that have a hard time with loud noises, are some headphones or earplugs.  The gym gets very, VERY loud at times.

Meet Minnesota Twins Players on January 30th in Rochester!

I know we have a ton of Minnesota Twins fans in Southeast Minnesota and if that is you, fyi, you can meet some of the players IN PERSON right here in Rochester!

I had such an amazing time at the last Twins Caravan and I plan on taking more selfies this year.  But, YOU could be taking selfies with them too!

The Twins Caravan is back and will be pulling into Rochester on January 30th at a new location this year.  Tickets are limited to this private event but very affordable and it will be a night where you can get autographs, ask the players questions, and learn more about what to expect this upcoming year.  Learn more and find out how to get tickets here - Minnesota Twins Caravan in Rochester

List of Rochester Businesses That Closed in 2022

Saying goodbye is never easy, and in Minnesota, it takes us a few hours to actually get out the door when we are visiting friends. Sadly, a few businesses in Rochester, Minnesota had their own goodbye in 2022 - some in more of a Minnesota style with a note and a few weeks or days to have closure, while others just seemed to disappear in the night forever.

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