It's going to be another boy for Jessie James Decker and husband Eric Decker. The singer shared a reveal video on Instagram on Monday afternoon (Oct. 30). The family seems excited about the news, or at least about the balloons.

Decker's daughter seems more excited about the balloons than news that she'll have a second baby brother, but 3-year-old Vivianne is aware of the baby in her mommy's belly. She'd been praying for it. The singer and her NFL husband also have a 2-year-old son named Eric Jr.

The reveal video appears to have been filmed on the same day as the video Decker shared in which she revealed news of her pregnancy to her kids (and fans). The family gathers around a large Home Depot box, opening it to find several blue balloons. Vivianne seems to be slightly upset that she's not getting a sister.

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Jessie and Eric star in the E! reality show Eric and Jessie. The couple's friskiness and physical attraction for one another is a frequent topic on the show. In the past they've shared some very intimate pregnancy photos. The outspoken James Decker released a new album called Southern Girls City Lights on Oct. 13.

Eric Decker is a wide receiver for the NFL's Tennessee Titans.

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