If you’re a parent, you’ve most likely experienced at least a few parenting oopsies before. Unfortunately for Jessie James Decker's husband, Eric Decker, his recent parenting fail came at the cost of the whole world seeing him in his birthday suit.

Eric was minding his own business, taking a shower, and lent his cell phone to his 4-year-old son, Forrest, to occupy him. But the little boy wasn't watching a movie like Dad thought ...

It would seem Forrest is an adept social media user — he went to post a smiling selfie on Dad's Instagram, neglecting to realize his backdrop. Not only did fans get an adorable picture of Forrest with a toothy grin, but also Eric's backside through the shower door. Oops! Even better, neither one of the parents caught on until a friend texted Decker to ler her know she might want to run and grab her husband’s phone.

Jessie James Instagram

It was time for damage control, since the nude moment was already live and, well, out there. However, both Eric and Jessie handled the incident with humor: Decker shared the screenshot of the text she had received, her friend sending a screenshot of the post and noting how much it was making her laugh.

“Omg,” the singer wrote back. "I can’t even."

Eric didn’t let the world seeing his half-moon embarrass him, either — he took to his own Instagram Stories to poke fun at the post.

“Time to change the code," he writes. “So much for letting Forrest watch his Avengers videos during my shower.”

Eric Decker Instagram

The couple have three children together, Vivianne, 8, Eric Jr., 6, and the youngest, Forrest, who's 4. But there might be more children in the future for the family of five. Recently, the country singer shared her thoughts on potentially adding to their family down the road.

"We're not planning on it, so we're just letting lives happen," she explains, "And if it happens, it's a blessing. If it doesn't, it wasn't meant to be, but we're not doing anything to not make it happen."

For now, the two will just be making sure to keep an eye on their cellular devices when Forrest is near.

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