Sunday's horrible events in Vegas have broken all our hearts. There are more and more stories of bravery emerging, though, including one from John Rich (of Big & Rich) that has a Minnesota connection.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

John recently appeared on the Fox News show 'The Five' to talk about Sunday's horrific events. They had played the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas a few hours before Jason Aldean's set.

As he says in THIS clip, afterward, John and his partner, Big Kenny and Cowboy Troy all headed over to a bar he owns in Las Vegas, where they kept the party going.

Until they got word that there was an active shooter situation, that is. Then, John says in the clip, they shut things down, got patrons away from the windows and kept the bar on lockdown.

And here's the Minnesota connection: John actually 'loaned' one of his loaded guns to an off-duty police officer-- who just happened to be a member of the Minneapolis Police Department. The officer was off-duty, in Vegas on vacation, and didn't have his weapon on him.

John gave him his weapon, and the officer 'held point' on the door for several hours, keeping everyone in the bar safe until the all-clear was sounded!

Check it out... (the Minnesota part happens at about 2:57)

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