One lucky ticket sold in Wisconsin won that big Powerball jackpot Wednesday night, and the Wisconsin Lottery just put that big paycheck into perspective in a pretty unique way.

We heard Thursday morning that, yes, somebody DID win that huge Powerball jackpot, worth nearly $768.4 million. And the lone winning ticket was sold over in my home state of Wisconsin, at a Speedway in the Milwaukee suburb of New Berlin. (Which, as all Wisconsinites know, is pronounced "New BER-lin" not "ber-LIN," like they pronounce the name of the city in Germany).

But that huge number-- 768.4 million-- is kinda tough to wrap your head around. Sure, it's a lot. But just HOW big is it? Well, leave it to Wisconsin Lottery Director, Cindy Polzin, to put things into perspective in an 'Only In Wisconsin' kind of way.

According to Fox-9's Timothy Blotz, in a post on his Twitter page, Cindy said that winning jackpot was enough money to "buy 305 brats for every Milwaukee Brewers fan at Miller Park Thursday for the baseball opener."

Ha! Now THAT is a number I finally understand! Though, as Mr. Blotz also noted, both he and I are surprised Cindy didn't equate that number into the number of Miller Lites one could buy...

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