...and he did it in freezing cold temperatures too!

You'll need some background before we get to the meat of this story.

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Firstly, I noticed yesterday that my tire pressure was low and resolved to add some air to my tires in the morning. I did that, but I chose the wrong location to first add air. I won't name the company, but let's just say they neglected to inform their customers that their air pump wasn't working. Guess who used said pump (and promptly let out most of the air in their tires during this process) without knowing. Yep - ME! Hey, the air sound still came from the pump! I ended up with a very low tire that turned into a flat on my way to a nearby Kwik-Trip. I thought I could save it, but I couldn't.

I knew I'd have to change this tire, so I dug through my trunk (then sat in my car to warm up), found the jack (then sat in my car to warm up), and found the wrench (and then again sat in my car to warm up). I went outside to try to tackle the task ahead and was searching for where to place the jack when a stranger approached me and said, "let me help you with that!"

"I'm just figuring out where to put the jack," I smiled. He responded, "Yeah they're tricky on newer cars." That was how I met Brian. He took over and proceeded to begin changing my tire for me, while he told me to stay inside. The problem was - MY FLAT TIRE WAS FROZEN TO THE CAR!

It took a hammer to remove this thing, but once it was done, it was done!

TSM Rochester

So, I'm rolling on a donut for now, but I was able to get home safely and get out of the freezing cold.

I can't thank Brian and Kwik-Trip on NW Sarah Place enough for helping me out when I really needed it! I got home safe thanks to him. He said he couldn't "watch me struggle in the cold," and I couldn't leave without buying a few snacks either!