In an announcement on their Facebook page yesterday, Kwik Trip will be limiting self-service items in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa with some notable differences in Minnesota and Iowa for now. Self-Service items like the pastry case, hot roller items, and the soup bar will not be available due to COVID-19/Coronavirus. In Minnesota and Iowa the self-serve coffee and fountain drinks will still be available for the time being. 

There will still be some pre-packaged bakery items for guests at Kwik Trip locations, and also an assortment of prepackaged roller grill items in the Hot Spot.

All of this makes sense to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Other steps that the convenience retailer has taken for its employees and customers was to provide hand sanitizers at the fuel pumps and at the doors of its stores for users to cut down the chance for contamination.

Another change you might notice is that Kwik Trip will be discontinuing its food sampling and reallocating employees' hours towards cleaning and sanitation efforts.

I happened to stop by one of Faribault's Kwik Trip locations yesterday (Tuesday) and noticed that customers were leaving 5-6 feet between each other in line, and many employees cleaning off surfaces with disinfectant.

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