The New Year is hours away. If you are unorganized like me, you probably just finalized your plans for tonight. Well... there is always the option of throwing your own New Year's Eve party. It may seem really hard to throw together really fast, but I promise it can be done!

First, you have to think of the food! What we use to do growing up was make homemade pizza rolls. They are super fast and cheap to make if you are only having a few people over. You just need crescent rolls, cheese, and pepperonis... and BAMB you are set. You can have other snacks like chips, popcorn and maybe cookies.

If you need bubbly on a budget... I have an idea for you! There are a few great affordable campaigns you can get in Minnesota. Most of these are my goto when it comes to champagne.

You don't have to go crazy with decorations for New Year's Eve! You can just pick a few things up at the big box stores like some crowns, 2020 balloons to throw on the floor and put up a few streamers.

The only hard part might be entertainment... but I have some ideas. I'm sure you have some cards laying around, maybe a board game or two. Folks will love that. Also, you might want some music in the background, which you can steam off our free station app. ;) Maybe... have a New Years' Eve program on the TV and you'll have a hit party!

Have loads of fun tonight and be safe! Let me be one of the first to say Happy 2020! Hopefully, it will be everything you want it to be and more!

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