The family of Ross Grobe held a garage sale for the fourth year to raise money for a scholarship fund in his name. This year, they raised more than ever. Here are the details! 

FIVE scholarships will be given to students next year at P-E-M High School.

Over Cheese Days weekend, Ross Grobe's aunt Carrie put together a garage sale with the help of many family members and friends that loved Ross. This was the 4th year of the sale. In the past year, they raised enough money to award 7 high-schoolers with a $250 scholarship. With the funds raised from this year alone, they will award another 5 kids.

Did you miss it this year? Carrie says she will continue doing it as long as she can. "I do it for the community who came out to support our family after Ross' death and to keep his memory alive. And I will continue to do it as long as there are donations of items for the sale, and community support. So far, it just keeps growing every year."


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    The Day That Ross was Killed

    I will never forget receiving the call. It was early in the morning, and one of my best friends from high school is calling.

    It was one of Ross’ cousins, Jess. I could hear it in her voice. Something was seriously wrong. When she told me what had happened, my heart stopped. It hurt me and I barely knew him. I couldn’t imagine the pain his family felt, and still deals with everyday. His whole family, and the small knit community of Elgin, were all very shaken by this tragic event.

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