If you're a beer lover (like I am), here's good news: owners have apparently locked down a location for Rochester's fifth craft brewery!


We'd heard earlier this year how Rochester's Steve Finnie, who used to be the head brewer at Grand Rounds Brew Pub located downtown, was getting ready to launch his own craft brewery.

And now, according to this Post-Bulletin story, Steve and his wife purchased a warehouse to house what will eventually be Rochester's newest craft brewery. The story says Finnie and his wife purchased property on 14th Street northwest last week.

That location is near the Douglas Trail, not too far off Valleyhigh Drive (a block or so west of Colonial Lanes and ABC Ability Building Center). It's also not too far from LTS Brewery, Forager and Kinney Creek-- three of Rochester's other great local craft breweries.

And, luckily for us, it's also not too far away from our house! And, my wife and I routinely hit that section of the Douglas Trail, too. I can't wait for a new brewery and tap room to open here in Rochester!

Speaking of opening, though, the article doesn't project an opening date for the new brewery, but will most likely be sometime next year.

"It's just a matter of assembling a team and pulling everything together now," Steve Finnie said in the story. "We're still in the very early stages of deciding on a name, a logo and all of that stuff, but now we have the space," Finnie said.

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