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He's been a fixture on the local sports scene in southeast Minnesota for over three decades, but is this Rochester TV sports director getting ready to retire?

If you follow local sports at all in southeast Minnesota, you know who Pat Lund is. He's the Rochester native who's been Sports Director at KTTC-TV since 2000, and has been covering local sports here in Minnesota's Med City for over 30 years. But it looks like that long run may be coming to an end soon.

Pat just celebrated 30 years at KTTC earlier this summer (check out the video HERE) and in a post on his Twitter feed from Tuesday night, noted that he's been covering high school sports in our neck of the woods since 1985! But in that same Tweet, Pat also hinted that this strange season of sports in 2020 thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, will be his last. Take a look...

Now, that Tweet, while telling, isn't the first time Pat's hinted that he'll be handing up the highlight reel this year. In another post on his Twitter page from just a few weeks ago, he previously hinted that this football season would be his last, as well...

I was lucky enough to work with Pat several years ago when I also worked at KTTC, and I can tell you that few people working in local media anywhere are more committed to local Minnesota sports than Pat is. And few people are as plugged into the local sports community and have as many contacts as Pat, either. While there's been no official announcement I can find, my sources say Pat will walk out of the sports office at KTTC for good at the end of the year. Congrats on a great run, Pat-- and enjoy your retirement!

In the 30 years Pat's been covering sports at KTTC, he's no doubt seen a LOT of memorable plays and games. He's also seen his share of some sports miscues as well-- this IS Minnesota sports, after all. Keep scrolling to see how many of THESE famous sports goof YOU remember.

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