Get ready for the newest sensation to take over Mayo Civic Center! Ladies, you'll want to plan a night out for this.

Jade Presents explains, "These hilarious (and delicious) hunks give you a peek behind the apron as they slice, dice, and spice things up in the kitchen through a series of escalating culinary challenges where the stakes are high: if they lose a challenge, they lose their shirt. Literally."

The best part - you get to choose the winner!

#Culinary Kickoff
Getty Images for #Culinary Kickoff

Sooo... just for a quick recap, we have topless maids, shirtless movers, and now pantsless chefs heading to Rochester - GREAT! What's next!??

I'm kidding of course, and understand that this event is all in good fun. I do think it would make for a fun ladies night! Here is a taste of what these hotties are bringing to Mayo Civic Center!

CHEFS: THE SIZZLING KITCHEN SHOWDOWN happens on April 5th. Doors open at 7 pm. Want ticket info? Click here.

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