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If all the anger, attacks and lack of civility happening these days are concerning to you, check out what one major Minnesota airline is doing about it.

Delta Airlines is the largest airline here in Minnesota and its massive presence at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport in Bloomington makes the Land of 10,000 Lakes one of their major hubs. So when their CEO said they were threatening to ban passengers for life for misbehaving or acting rude, it definitely raised some eyebrows.

This new policy was highlighted by the travel industry site, onemileatatime.com, which quoted Ed Bastian, Delta's CEO, in a memo he released to staff recently. In it, he outlined their new policy:

 Those who refuse to display basic civility to our people or their fellow travelers are not welcome on Delta. Their actions will not be tolerated, and they will not have the privilege of flying our airline ever again.

Now while that seems like a pretty basic request-- and is the way most of us were all taught to act back in Kindergarten--  the fact that Delta is now leveraging a lifetime ban against passengers exhibiting such behavior makes it the first time a major airline has ever gone quite that far in addressing unruly passengers.

The Detroit Free Press also reported on Delta's new policy, and noted that it was a response to the violence carried out against Congressional leaders at the U.S. Capitol back on January 6th. Some of the rioters had flown on Delta to get to Washington D.C. and then were unruly when flying back to their home states, the story noted. The story also said that Delta has already handed out lifetime bans to some 800 passengers for violating their COVID-19 mask policy.

I say, good for Delta. It's about time we start remembering that disruptive and abusive behavior like that has no place in society these days. Sure, we can disagree about things-- like politics, for instance-- but we still need to treat each other with respect, right? Because nothing will ruin your flight faster than having to sit next to another passenger who's loud and disrespectful.

And Delta is all about making passengers feel welcome and at home while on their planes. You might remember that they debuted a new policy late last year (you can read more about it HERE) that did away with a commonly-used phrase they thought was no longer appropriate.

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