We know that there are moose that live way up in northern Minnesota but not many people get the privilege of seeing them in person or even being able to catch a video of them. But up at Voyageurs National Park in International Falls, a trail cam caught the cutest trio!

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The trail cam had been set up by the Voyageurs Wolf Project. According to their website, it's "a University of Minnesota research project that was started to address one of the biggest knowledge gaps in wolf ecology—what do wolves do during the summer?" So, obviously these cameras were set up to observe the wolves in the area.

This video isn't of a wolf trio though, they caught a rare video of a mama moose and her two babies out for a walk! Voyageurs Wolf Project shared the video on their Twitter and said "We rarely get videos of moose and even fewer videos of moose with calves!"

I also learned that, sadly, only about 30% of baby moose survive beyond year one but Voyageurs Wolf Project says that since they both made it through mid-July "their odds of surviving are looking alright".

Check out the adorable video!

I so hope to see a moose in person someday. Obviously from a distance because I don't need to get trampled and because I want to keep the moose safe too.

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