While many travelers stress about selecting the best seat for their flight, one man accidentally had the entire plane to himself.

Sharing his experience on TikTok, a man named Robbie Allen says he recently boarded a flight from Sydney, Australia, to Fiji to celebrate his birthday.

Once he arrived for boarding, he realized he was the only passenger.

"When I got on, they were like, 'You're the only person, you're the only person on the plane,'" Allen says in the video.

"I like, literally have the whole plane to myself. I'm the VIP!" Allen adds, laughing as he pans his camera around the aircraft to show the empty seats.

Allen says he booked a business-class ticket on Virgin Airlines because he wanted his birthday trip to be more comfortable.

Airlines call the scenario a "ghost flight," which sounds creepy.

However, according to Allen's viral video, his bizarre travel experience was filled with unparalleled customer service. He was given "whatever he wanted" from the snack and drink cart, and even the pilot visited to chat with him during the trip.

In a follow-up video, Allen showed what it was like picking up his lone suitcase from the baggage carousel after he landed in Fiji.

It's safe to say Allen lived his best life for the four-and-a-half-hour journey.

In the comments section, TikTok users expressed their amusement and revealed how they would have reacted in the same situation.

"Note to self, buy an economy ticket to Fiji," one user commented.

"I would be FREAKING OUT at the gate, thinking I was at the wrong gate," another wrote.

"As an introvert...I want this...real bad," someone else chimed in.

"The luggage was like, 'Man, I was in cargo all by myself,'" another joked.

Some questioned why the flight wasn't canceled. However, one viewer suggested "there would be a full flight returning from Fiji, so the plane needed to be there."

Allen responded to that comment by revealing the return flight only had 27 passengers.

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