When I first read about a guy who was going to live at MOA for five days straight, I thought it was some kind of wacky contest. Turns out, I was right... kind of.

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According to GO-MN, there is a guy who's going to live at the mall in Bloomington. His name is Brian Sonia-Wallace, and he's a Los Angles-based poet. He just won the MOA's Writer-In-Residence contest, celebrating MOA's 25th anniversary.

So, what's he doing at MOA? Well, the story says he's going to spend five days there in June (June 14-18th) and, he'll be writing poems about the mall -- he's a poet, after all. But he'll be writing 25 poems a day!

While he will be spending all day there -- like, all 24 hours a day for five straight days -- being "immersed," as the contest says, he won't be sleeping on a bench somewhere in the rotunda, like I first thought. (Or like the time Valleyfair held a contest to see who could ride the "Wild Thing" the longest. Now, that's a tough contest!)

Yes, he'll be at the mall 24/7 for those five days, but he'll be sleeping at one of the hotels attached to MOA. So, that's not such a bad task -- they're all pretty nice places.

And, the story says, he's also getting a "$400 gift card for food and drinks, plus an honorarium payment of $2,500." That's not too shabby.

The rest of the time, though, he'll be wandering around the vast area that is MOA, getting inspiration for writing yet another poem. So, yeah, that is kind of a tough thing. And that's why he'll be living at the Mall of America.

(I'm just glad it's not me! Heck, the only poem I know is the one about the 'guy from Nantucket...')

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