He's such a presence that they even made a Facebook page for him.

KTOE in Mankato is having a lot of fun with a new "guest" that invited himself in. His name is Karl. He's a garter snake.

Karl has been spotted at inappropriate times in inappropriate places, so the KTOE team decided to make fun of him for this in the best way. They created a Facebook page for him.

Karl the KTOE SNake via Facebook
Karl the KTOE SNake via Facebook

If you're wondering, Karl's favorite song is a Paula Abdul classic.

It seems like on staff member, Dan McCargar, REALLY doesn't like Karl. I can't blame him! I don't like snakes either, and I definitely wouldn't want to find one in my office!

Thankfully, KTOE simply "removes" Karl when he gets out of line and he's back in the woods where he actually belongs.

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